Italian Clinical Research Infrastructure Network

Preparation of EU funding applications

Advice and Information for Investigators and Sponsors

ItaCRIN can help Italian investigators and sponsors in preparing multinational clinical projects involving scientific partners from ECRIN Members and Observers countries, and also other countries.

As first step, the proposal has to be submitted to the ItaCRIN EuCo and then evaluated by the ECRIN Collaboration Committee for its approval.  The ItaCRIN’s involvement in proposal preparation depends on its role. While information may be freely provided to all, ItaCRIN can:

  • provide support starting from the identification of an appropriate Call for proposals until the submission of the project. General information on the types of European opened calls, strategy, timelines, etc can also be provided.
  • be involved in designing and completing established sections of the proposal

Once the investigator/sponsor has identified an appropriate funding opportunity for her/his proposal, ECRIN can provide advice and information on:

  • identification of the activities needed for the management of the study
  • clinical trial units in Italy and in Europe that have the capacity and services required to manage your clinical study (especially those that are ECRIN Members or Observers)
  • appropriate trial methodology
  • multinational clinical trial management, regulatory, ethical and insurance requirements
  • costs of trial management services to help you prepare the study budget
  • work package architecture, potential impact, consortium composition, and more
  • additional methodological consultancy, and, if relevant, an independent review of the study protocol by ECRIN’s Scientific Board of clinical research experts. This external and independent support, conducted as part of “ECRIN-On-Board” (see below) aims to ensure that the protocol is ethically, medically and scientifically sound. This service is free of charge.

It is recommended to contact ECRIN as soon as possible for maximum impact

ECRIN-On-Board (EoB)

The goal of this unique service is to improve the quality of multinational clinical proposals to be submitted for EU funding. This is achieved through early support on the protocol and the logistical/operational aspects of project design.

How It Works

The principal investigator (PI) submits a short study synopsis to the ECRIN EuCo in his/her country. ECRIN’s Scientific Board provides independent methodological consulting on the protocol, while ECRIN’s EuCos help on issues such as work package organization.


Synopses should be prepared three to six months before the funding application deadline. Support is generally given within few weeks based on pre-defined deadlines.


EoB is a service reserved for ECRIN Member Countries and can only be used for multinational projects involving at least two Member or Observer Countries.

How to apply

Send a study synopsis several weeks before the application deadline to your local EuCo ( for Italian PIs) and EoB focal point (

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