Our mission: to facilitate and sustain Italian participation in International clinical trials

What We Do

ItaCRIN’s main activity is the provision of support for the management of multinational clinical trials. The support is primarily provided during implementation, but also for preparation and protocol evaluation.


Access to multinational clinical studies
The involvement of ECRIN in multinational clinical studies provides access to a variety of services and CTU/CRO experties from different participating countries. This participation increases the impact and efficacy of the clinical studies.
Scientific excellence and medical competence
ECRIN Scientific Committee (Scientific Board) reviews the clinical protocol and ensures scientific, ethical, medical, and methodological relevance.
European Networking
The European Network ensures the proper Clinical Center and a fastpaced achievement of the Milestones from subject recruitment.
Quality Services
CTU/CROs in ECRIN Member Countries can apply for Data Center Certification, which gives an independent certificate of quality after a successful audit procedure.
ECRIN Scientific Board
After the first preparation steps of clinical studies involving European Countries, scientist from the ECRIN Member and Observer Countries can avail from the support of ECRIN Scientific Board. This service is guaranteed by an expert Committee that offers, without any additional cost, advice on methodologic, logistics, and management design advice and study content for European call proposals.