Frequently Asked Questions


Advice and information are freely provided by the ECRIN Core Team and EuCos. ECRIN also offers services to industry sponsors at market rates. These activities do not account for more than 20% of the ECRIN portfolio, as described in its Statute. In such cases, a separate accounting system is used without VAT exemption. For more information please visit

No. To be eligible for ECRIN support, projects must involve at least two Member or Observer Countries; the protocol and trial plan must be approved by Collaboration Committee.

Once the investigator/sponsor has contacted the National EuCo, he/she sends you the Collaboration Committee Form that you have to compile and then return back. Please note that the Collaboration Committee meets once a week.

Yes. ECRIN can provide support services even if the trial is conducted by a country that is not a Member or Observer, but the project has to involve at least two Member and/or Observer Countries. In this case, one of ECRIN’s EuCos or the Core Team is assigned to the trial coordination.

Initially, the PI/sponsor contacts the ECRIN EuCo in the study coordinating country. In most cases, this will be the 'coordinating EuCo', and this person will be the PI's or sponsor's unique point of contact throughout the project. The coordinating EuCo liaises with the EuCos from the other participating countries. All EuCos coordinate with the National scientific partner in their respective countries.